Frequently Asked Questions

Registration (My Account)

No, you do not have to register if you want to shop from our online store. In case you like any of our products, you can buy it quickly and easily as a guest too.

You can easily create your profile either before check-out or from our main menu by selecting: the “REGISTER” button. Then simply follow and fill all required fields.

If you have forgotten your password, do not worry about it! You need to click on “Lost your password?” button and to enter your email address or username used for registration.

We will send you an email with personal link so you can generate a new password. If you need any further assistance, you can always call us at: +359 876 676700 or write us via our contact form.

Yes! We have taken all necessary measures to protect your privacy and information. All data that you have provided to us by creating your account is fully used in accordance with the legal laws for the protection of personal data. 

For more information, please refer to section: “Privacy policy” or contact us by email.

Of course, you can! You can edit your personal and company data in section: “My Account”. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or email.

Yes, when you have a registered profile, you can quickly and easily have access in all orders and details in section: “Orders”.

Subscribing to our newsletter is extremely convenient. You can do so during your initial registration by clicking on the box: “Subscribe to a newsletter” or click on Newsletter option at the top of every page. By activating this free service you will have access to up-to-date information about special offers, new products and promotions.

If you no longer wish to receive our free newsletter and current hot offers, you can always unsubscribe from our newsletter by using the termination link that you will find in any email or you can request the termination via email.


For the moment you can place an order only via online shop

No, there is no minimum order amount because we at Qmax Solutions believe that every customer and each order, regardless of the value, must be accepted and serviced quickly and easily. Please note that in the case of special promotions a minimum order value  must be applied in order to use a discount and there may be additional terms to benefit from preferential prices.

When you complete you order in our online store, you will receive an automatic email confirmation informing you that the order has reached us successfully. This email is informative about your peace of mind. Before dispatching your parcel, we will contact you by phone or email to confirm your order or other details. Please note that it is important to accept this call or to answer our email in order your parcel to be dispatched from our warehouse. Otherwise, it will remain in status: “Retained” until all details are specified or “Denied” in our system.

Sometimes when shopping online, it is possible that some products will have a difference in colors for example between pictures and products in reality. Of course, we will let you know if there is such a difference which can affect product’s usage. We strive to be as detailed as possible and to update our information constantly, but sometimes errors are possible. If you get a different product than the one purchased, remember that you have the right to return it to us within 14 days of receiving it if you are located in EU country. For more information, please read our section: “Returns of goods” on bottom of homepage.

After your order is received in our system, you have the option to add or remove product or change quantity, but only while your parcel is still in our warehouse and has not been dispatched. For this purpose, we recommend contacting Qmax Solutions  by phone call, contact form or via email in order to make a change.


When you shopping online with us there are several different options of payment. You can choose from : Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. More detailed information for payment methods can be found on the bottom in section: “Terms and conditions”.

It is important to know that when choosing a payment option: “Bank transfer” there is no additional fees charged from Qmax Solutions unless the bank wire transfer comes from a bank located on the territory of Bulgaria. When the bank transfer comes from a foreign bank outside of the Bulgarian territory additional bank fee of thirteen (13,00) euros is charged. During the checkout process you have to choose whether to pay via Bulgarian bank or a foreign bank. When selecting “Bank transfer” payment method, we will first send you a Proforma Invoice via email as for your safety and confirmation. Once the payment is visible in our system, your parcel will be packed and dispatched from our warehouse by shipping courier. Delivery cost will additionally applied in your Proforma Invoice. More information can be found on section: “Terms and conditions”.

It is important to know that when choosing an option: “Cash on Delivery” no additional fees are charged by Qmax Solutions. This payment method is only available for customers and companies located in territory of Bulgaria. When choosing “Cash on Delivery” the total amount for the products and transport cost is paid in cash at the office to the shipping courier who is delivering your shipment upon receipt. For further information, please contact us via a phone call or our contact form.

It is important to know that when choosing a payment option: “PayPal” no additional fees are charged by Qmax Solutions. When choosing a “PayPal” payment method, you can pay your order directly via PayPal official system. Once the payment is visible in our system, your shipment will be packed and dispatched from our warehouse by shipping courier. More information can be found on our homepage in section: “Terms and conditions”.

Yes, of course! If you do not have a customer account in our online store, it is enough to fill all required fields in the legal entity’s details during check out or to provide your company information by our contact form or email.

If you have noticed that your invoice data is incorrect, please first verify that you have correctly entered all the information in your client profile if you have one or you can contact us by our contact form, email or a phone call to correct the wrong information. It is important to know that a change to an Invoice can be made only if your order was invoiced within the current month.


All orders placed online which cover our requirements for free of cost delivery are delivered in territory of Bulgaria with Speedy courier company and for territory of Greece with Speedex courier to the recipient’s address or courier’ office. If you prefer to send your parcel with ECONT or ACS courier, you can always switch your courier but additional cost may be applied.

For other countries from Bulgaria and Greece, orders are sent through DPD economy. If you can not find your required shipping company in our system, please specify this requirement in the field: “Order notes” during checkout your order or contact us via our contact form or email. For more information on delivery options available, please check section: “Delivery Terms”on our homepage.

All orders received in our system until 15:00h (Monday-Friday) if available on stock are processed and dispatched on the same business day. All orders placed after 15:00h (Monday-Friday) are processed and dispatched on the next business day (if available on stock). Please, be informed that Qmax Solutions online store offers products that are subject to a special order and they have a delivery period marked for each product in our online store. 
Please, contact us if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail or a phone call from us. In case you have not received an email from us, there may have been an error with your order.

Qmax Solutions offers different delivery options – economy (up to 2 business days for Bulgaria and up to 4 business days for Greece) and express delivery (up to 1 business day for Bulgaria and up to 2 business days for Greece). For other countries within Europe the delivery time is from 4 up to 7 business days. This is dependent on the country of delivery.

Please note that for small cities, villages and islands which are usually served on a schedule, delivery time can be organised according to courier company’s current schedule for each area. 
For more information about delivery, please refer to section: “Delivery Terms” on our homepage.

Yes but this is possible only for Saturdays and has an extra charge. On Sundays and public holidays unfortunately, courier companies do not offer delivery service. 

Transport cost of each order depends on the weight of ordered products, the declared value of the shipment and area’ location to which it will be delivered. Once you place an online order, the shipping amount is automatically calculated (with the SPEEDY, ECONT, ACS courier companies) and you can see the total amount for all items + courier service before checkout.

Generally all shipping costs for online orders, orders by phone or e-mail are at the expense of the recipient.
Our Advice: Follow our promotions and hot offers at Qmax Solutions online store to take advantage of free shipping options.

NO! But from time to time there are ad campaigns where free shipping can be offered.

Yes, of course as long it is possible for shipping companies to reach your given location. If there are issues with your area, we will contact you for additional information.

If your shipment can not be delivered for any reason, it will be held by the courier company in their office for a period of 7 days. They will try to reach you up to 3 times by phone as to specify a new day and time for delivery. Keep in mind that if you do not receive / pick up your goods within 3 days, the courier company will charges you a “Storage fee”, so please specify all details before postponing your shipment. If your order is not taken or asked for within 7 days of  SMS notification, the courier company contacts the sender and requests permission to return the goods. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, email or a call phone.

Yes, we have many international clients and we are trying our best to offer a cheap and secure service guaranteed by one of Europe’s most advanced land-based supply networks. For delivery to any country within EU (European Union), we work and deliver with Speedy and DPD Economy service (land transport). Delivery cost is automatically calculated during your order checkout and according to the courier company’s listed prices. Delivery with DPD Economy service takes between 4-7 business days after shipment from Qmax Solutions’ warehouse.
For deliveries to third countries outside the EU, it is necessary to specify additional details such as: shipping company, type of delivery option, weight of shipment, dimensions of the package and destination. We offer a delivery with DHL Express Delivery within 1 to 3 business days to any address in the world. For questions about international delivery or delivery to non-EU countries, please contact us at: [email protected] as to assist you.


If the product is not available online, it can not be purchased. This is why we recommend that you contact us at: [email protected] as we can check the expected delivery date and to provide you with information. We will contact you within 24 hours with a reply or a recommendation about an alternative product that we have available at the moment.

In order to facilitate our customers, we offer several options for searching for products:
Click on “Products” menu where we have different product’ categories that point out a map where your desired product can be located.

Use the SEARCH box at the top of our homepage and enter SKU # or product name, type, brand you are looking for, or similar information. The system will display all items or information that match your request.

No. At this time our company makes only online sales.

Returns and Refunds

If you received a different than ordered product  you need to fill out our Returns form which can be found at the bottom of every page. Please, fill all fields marked with * (star symbol) in English correctly. Once we receive your claim request in our system, our contact person will contact you via email and phone to clarify all details and assist you quickly. If you have questions, you can always reach us via our contact form, email or a call phone.

Please, first check valid period of your warranty card which have been received on delivery. If warranty period is covered, you need to fill out our “Returns” form which can be found at the bottom of our homepage. It is necessary to fill in correctly all fields marked with * (star symbol) in English language. Please, make sure you are on EN version of our online platform. Once we receive your request our contact person will reach you as soon as possible via email and phone as to specify all details and documentation.

No! QMAX SOLUTIONS does not have a network of authorized after-sales and repairs service in Bulgaria. All warranty products are served directly by our suppliers. If necessary  you can contact us for assistance via our contact form or via email.

No! QMAX SOLUTIONS performs only online sales and does not have a physical store. To replace/return a product you need to fill out our “Returns form” which can be found at the bottom of our homepage. Once your claim has been documented, our contact person will verify all information and details and within 30 days you will receive an official decision and solution depending on your claim. If your return claim is not related to a repair/damage/defect and all the necessary return requirements according online shopping laws in Republic of Bulgaria are met, we will refund the amount paid from you for the products within 14 days by a bank transfer. Money refunds are not possible in cash, all amounts are refunded only via bank transfer for security reasons. More information can be found in section: “Returns of goods” on our homepage.
Our advice: Please ,keep your payment receipt (payment document) as this is your guarantee! For all replacements and returns to QMAX SOLUTIONS online store a payment receipt are required. If you do not have any documentation for your purchase, your claim may not be honored.

Unfortunately, according to Bulgarian legislation,  products without a valid payment document (invoice or cash receipt) can not be accepted, returned or refunded. Our advice is to always to keep your payment documents in order to avoid such situations.

Products you wish to be returned or refunded can only be sent back to us with a shipping company Speedy as we have a contract with them. Please, always use an economicy service and provide our address information as follows: Sofia, 1680, block No.227, entrance A, Atelier 2.Keep in mind that shipments sent by another courier companies and with “Cash on delivery” will not be accepted!
IMPORTANT! Please, be informed that replacements and returns may only be processed if you have a filled our “Return Form” and products are accompanied by all needed documentation. Detailed information can be found in our section: “Returns of goods” on the homepage.

There are different types of complaints and for those that are entirely by our fault (for example – we sent you a wrong product or the product is not working), we will bear all the costs of return transportation. In all other cases, the customer will bear the cost of return transport and after checking the products and our findings, if necessary we will refund this amount by a bank transfer.  More information can be found in section:  “Return of goods” on our homepage.

For all product’ claims or orders made via online store, QMAX SOLUTIONS will refund the required amount to the customer within 14 days by a bank transfer for security reasons and according legal procedures for Online Trading in the Republic Bulgaria. More information can be found in section: “Returns of goods” on our homepage.

if you want to do so, you have that right, of course! Please, go to “Cancel My Order” section located at the bottom of our homepage and follow the instructions. If your order has not been dispatched from our warehouse, you can cancel it quickly and easily. If it has been already dispatched, please contact us via our contact form or via email and we will back to you as soon as possible with a solution.