Legal Warranty. User information.

Dear clients,
Thank you for choosing to buy from In case your product needs warranty service, please contact us. We advise you to read carefully the instructions for use and the General Warranty Conditions. Your product is secured by against all manufacturing defects with free warranty service for the period specified in your Warranty Card.

All goods presented in the online store have a legal warranty for compliance of the goods with the contract of sale according to art. 112-115 of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act).

All products on are delivered by the official representatives and importers of the respective brand for Bulgaria.

1. The warranty period of the product begins to run from the date of purchase and is valid on the Republic of Bulgaria territory. For other countries and territories, the product warranty is provided in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Components with a limited shelf life (rechargeable batteries, keyboards, mice, etc.) may have a reduced warranty period or no warranty, in accordance with the product documentation.

2. Claims for failures coming from obvious or hidden factory defects are submitted during the warranty period to our contact information on the phone or email given below. Products, eligible on a warranty repair are accepted upon submission of a valid warranty card and a document proving the purchase date – invoice or receipt.


  • Irregular documents – warranty card and a document stating the date of the purchase;
  • If the conditions of transport, storage and operation are not met in accordance with the documentation and the warranty card;
  • A harmful impact on the product is found – mechanical, chemical or other; outer objects and liquids in the product; a failure caused by natural disasters;
  • For printers – if the failure is caused by the usage of refilled or non-original consumables;
  • For displays – if there is a number of failed pixels on a LCD matrix, being less than the number limit defined by the producer;
  • For activities intended to be done by the user – consumables change, burned fusers change, operation system and user’s applications recovery, cleaning and support of the product, etc.;
  • If a non-authorized repair attempts by a non-authorized person have been done and the node sealing is broken, if there is any sealing;
  • If the product is not used for the purpose it is produced for.

4. TRANSPORT, STORAGE AND OPERATION OF THE PRODUCTS. In order to acknowledge the warranty, the products have to be:

  • Transported in a reliable sealing package in covered vehicles.
  • Stored indoors at air temperature from 0° to 30° C, relative humidity up to 80% at 30°С and absence of aggressive impurities in the environment.
  • Installed for operation in closed premises, without aggressive impurities in the environment, at least 20 cm distance from the wall and 1 m from direct heating appliances, at air temperature from 10°С to 30°С and relative humidity up to 80% at 30°С, after a minimum of 2 hours stay in the room for acclimatization. Objects, affecting the cooling, should not be placed on the ventilation outlets.


The products must be plugged to working and grounded sockets only featuring 220V±10% voltage and 50Hz±1% frequency. The electrical supply of a couple of devices in a common configuration must be done through a single network phase, or the devices should be galvanically isolated. To avoid interruptions and electrical network interferences the usage of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is recommended.

6. Notwithstanding this trade warranty, the seller is responsible for the product non-compliance with the sale contract in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, when applicable.